Ways To Manage And Overcome ADHD Syndrome In Children

ADHD syndrome stands for ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’, and it has been observed that boys are three times more prone to be diagnosed with it when compared to girls. Although the symptoms seem similar to parents as any common child would display these but when it comes to ADHD, the occurrence of these very symptoms are frequent and last longer.

There’s still hope for parents, with the help of suitable treatment kids can overcome their shortcomings like: losing focus and being inattentive. It isn’t impossible to manage kids with ADHD but tests the immaculate amount of patience in parents. These kids aren’t purposely acting badly or feigning ignorance.

ADHD has three sub categories that come with their own set of behavioral patterns:

  1. Inattention type: It involves trouble paying attention & forgetfulness, unable to follow instructions or stay focused on the tasks, listening and organizing problems.
  2. Hyperactive-impulsive type: This type makes kids fidget and they are always on the move, unable to remain at one place, blurting out, showing no patience in waiting for their turn, difficulty in playing quietly, involves excessive amount of talking, running and climbing.
  3. Combined type: This type is the most common one, and it displays the traits of the other two aforementioned types.

There isn’t a specific test for a evaluating if your child has ADHD, but the diagnosis can be done with the help of your family doctor, who may also refer your child to other psychiatrists or psychologists.

Once the child has been diagnosed with ADHD it is important that parents should be supportive and it’s even vital to be consistent in being compassionate. As it is mentally and physically exhausting and excruciating for parents to see their children go through an ordeal that they have no control over.

Let’s look at some of the ways to manage ADHD rather than engulfed by it.

  • Accept whole heartedly that ADHD is causing your child to act differently


The crucial thing to do when parents are made aware of their child’s disorder is to accept the reality; many get stuck at the acceptance stage. The thought of their child going through something abnormal is unsettling for many but the only way to fight it out and stand strong is to accept it. It is easier said than done, it can take some time for parents to make peace with the reality. However, it is better to take time and understand than shout at your child and spread negativity.

To get to know what helps your child at this point of time, it is imperative for parents to stay in touch with doctors and take their suggestions. Doctors may suggest giving stimulants, non- stimulants, anti-depressants or suggest a behavioral therapy.

Discuss in detail about the pros and cons of each and every remedy.


  • Clear/calm your mind every now and then


Managing kids with ADHD is a tiresome and at times annoying, the child acts due to his lack of control over his feelings and emotions which parents may not remember all the times. This lack of patience can cause them to yell, shout, point out their kids for causing negativity in their lives.

It is suggested that parents take a break every now and then by letting others take care of your child. Involve doctors and update them with the latest developments in the behavior or join a support group that is understanding and empathetic.


  • Talk to your child about what is expected of them before hand


It is known that kids with ADHD have trouble following instructions as they’re always distracted and utterly oblivious. Parents need not give up their hope, talk to your child slowly about the things that they ought to do. Give them something to look forward to after the task is done.

Rewards are a nice way to keep your child interested. Make sure you keep changing these rewards as kids with ADHD get bored quite easily. The rewards can be spending some time together, visiting a nearby park or exploring an activity. Let the rewards add value.


  • Be consistent in talking to them about the desired behavior


Kids with ADHD do not follow what you say and parents have to be consistent in reminding them about the things they need to do. Draw up a schedule, which has time limits for the completion of every task. Let your child understand each and every thing, avoid distractions while talking.

By giving your child small tasks which they can do helps boost their confidence. By observing their patterns the tasks can be give at appropriate times. Also make sure that teachers are aware of your child’s behavior problems so that they’re tolerant and supportive.


  • Never hesitate to applaud their efforts


Even if your child was able to do the most common things in a day, let them know you appreciate it. Do not forget or avoid appreciation, it means a lot for a child. Occasionally give them a pat on the back and hug them without any limitations.

An ADHD child needs lots of contact from parents. 

It is possible to take care of your child with ADHD when you know that it’s the disorder causing problems but not your child. Remember and remind yourself constantly of this fact and see a difference in your approach.

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