Ways to Build Strong Immune System in Kids

It really becomes very difficult for parents to protect their kids from the attack of germs which they come across every day. It is true that it is not possible for parents all the time to be the shield of their kids but there is a way by which they can create a strong shield to protect their kids against all kinds of germs on their behalf. This can be only done by building a Strong Immune System.
Parents always need to remember that if they want to protect their kids from the germs they are exposed to every day then their kids need to have a strong immune system so that their body can fight against any ailment. Also, Parents need to know and adopt all the healthy habits which can help them to build a strong immune system in their kids.

Following are the certain ways to build a Strong Immune System in kids:

1. Serve Your Kids With The Right Food;
When it comes to building a strong immune system in kids then it is very important to serve them with the right food which could help in boosting their immunity. Oranges, Carrots, Strawberries, have a good amount of Vitamin-C which boosts immune system. Try to keep sugary products away from the reach of your kids as it has been found that sugar tends to suppress the immune system. Try to introduce healthy habits of eating foods like lots of vegetables preferably green leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, nuts, legumes, etc.

2. Let Your Kids Enjoy Their Sleep Time;
Kids who sleep properly for a longer duration have a strong immune system. A good quality sleep helps in building cells which can fight against cancer cells and other microbes. It is recommended for a newborn baby to have minimum 18 hours of sleep per day. For toddlers minimum 12 to 13 hours of sleep is required per day. Preschoolers need minimum 10 hours of sleep per day.

3. Breast-Feed Your Baby;
Breast milk is a rich source of antibodies and white blood cells which help in building a strong immune system. Breast-feeding a baby can protect the baby from various diseases and infections like ear infections, sudden infant death syndrome, urinary-tract infections, pneumonia, etc. In fact, in the first few days after giving birth to the baby, colostrum, the thin yellow milk that comes out from the breast is highly rich in disease fighting antibodies.

4. Exercise Together With Your Kids;
Doing exercise regularly can increase the number of natural killer cell both in kids and adult that can help in fighting various infections. Make exercise a regular habit and do it together with your kids so that they can gradually adopt it as a daily course of their lifestyle. Encourage your kids to play outdoor games like badminton, tennis, basketball, in-line skating, bike riding etc. These games will keep them fit and active.

5. Protect from Germ Spread;
Parents need to be very careful to the cleanliness of their kids prior and then afterward every meal, when they play outside, taking care of pets, cleaning out their nose, use toilets, and when they come back home from their schools. Show your kids the healthy habit of washing hands often with soaps. Both of you together can practice this healthy habit to make it a part of your life and this will help to keep germs away. To help kids learn this healthy habit of washing hands let them choose their bright colorful hand towels and soaps in various shapes and fragrances.

6. Don’t smoke in front of your kids;
If you or your spouse is addicted to smoking then stop smoking right now. If it seems really difficult for either of you to quit smoking then at least try not to smoke in front of your kids. It has been found that the toxic element in tobacco can kill valuable cells in the body. Kids are more vulnerable than adults and if they are exposed to such toxic smoke then there will be harmful impact on their immune system. As compared to adults kids breathe at a faster rate and their natural detoxification system is also less developed. Your habit of smoking may put your kids at the risk of suffering with bronchitis, asthma, SIDS and ear infections.

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