Ways To Balance Life With Twin Babies

It brings happiness to a couple who are expecting a baby but they might slightly fret if they get to know about twins! Yes, for some it could be a very different feeling. Of course, there will be happiness, and also a bit of trepidation that leaves them a bit dazed and boggled.

We do know that raising a child is not an easy task at all, and now added to that will be another identical being. It is definitely doubling the joy but with mounted pressure to take care of both of them equally. It is indeed a daunting task to give your hundred percent focuses on each of them all the time. And there will be days where things seem to go out of hand, environment utterly chaotic but by remembering now and then that this is temporary does help a lot. In fact it’s better to chant it like a mantra.

Sure it doesn’t make parent’s life any easier but by being equipped; it will be relatively manageable to make the best of the twin time!

1. Take time to sync the routines:

With twins it’s always a smart move to start syncing their routines early on. It will be more manageable if the twins eat, sleep and play at the expected time. It is convenient that way because if one child is asleep and another awake and parents try to get one to sleep only to realize that another one needs them. It is pretty exhausting that way, and it only makes the parents feel over exhausted and even depressed.

If the timings are set, parents can also have sometime for themselves. Initially getting the babies acquainted with a schedule is not at all easy, but with persistence and planning it can happen.

2. Take care of yourself:

The most important thing that parents forget when they have children is to leave the individuality behind and get on with the caring part. It is normal to have that instinct to take care of your child all the time, it’s like you feel guilty if you let them alone for some time.

It is vital for parents to understand that it is only possible to make your kids happy only if you are happy. Though the lifestyle and the daily schedule changes drastically, if the priorities are made beforehand they will make into your schedule and life.

Often parents let go of the small thins that used to make them happy. Hobbies are the first ones to jump out of the window and followed by other interests; by bringing these activities back parents can revive the energy and can channelize it in positive ways.

3. Identical but different:

It isn’t fair to ask one of your twin children to take up something just because it suits or matched with the other child. We see parents fussing a bit way to much about the color coordination and what matching things they should wear etc. The urge to see them walk down the same path should be removed from the very beginning.

It can cause individuality and independence related issues. A child has to learn to be independent and make his/her choices and by trying to tell them that they ought to follow their twin sibling will make their self-esteem dwindle.

4. We get exercise, twice:

It’s hard to look after a child. Single child or twins, the only difference is parents of twin children have to work even harder and this doesn’t necessarily mean the parents of single child are way better off. Looking after twins would help parents get their fitness back in inexplicable ways trying to tend to two kids is exhausting and that which keeps parents on their toes.

Ever imagined one parent running around one child and another parent doing the same with another kid? It is what exactly happens most of the times, and it is for a good reason too.

5. Do not be ashamed to ask for help:

When there are two kids who are screaming for your attention, and not having it any other way it’s like a blessing in disguise when someone offers to help. It could be your spouse or a complete stranger, if there is nobody volunteering there’s nothing wrong in asking someone’s help.

If there are events which are unavoidable, parents can take help of their friends, neighbors and even their parents. Most them are more than willing to help you while you take some time off and attend that event or relax by indulging yourselves in the things that give you pleasure.

All in all it will be bumpy ride with peaks and troughs. And the best we can do is enjoying the peaks and accept the troughs; it won’t be easy but at least worth the try. Bring your best forward and let the anxieties take a step back and rest!

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