Useful ways for working parents to enjoy some quality time with their kids

Working parents often suffer with the guilt of not being fully committed to their children. Yes this is true that it is primarily their busy work schedule which is limiting them to spend sufficient quality time with their kids. Working parents often regret on the very fact that due to their too much occupancy with work they cannot enjoy their time with kids in playing with them, taking them out for holidays, taking enough photographs with them, doing sporting activities together and many more such things.

Many working parents often express their desire to relive the early childhood moments of their children which they had to miss because of the too busy working schedule. And this time they want to manage things differently so that they could enjoy every moment of togetherness with their children. But this is also true that those precious and memorable days of the early childhood days of your children cannot come again. If you want to overcome your guilt of not being truly committed to your children then to do so you can make your child feel special and precious for you by spending together as much quality time as possible. Always remember it is never too late to start afresh.

Here, below are some useful ways which may help working parents to spend some precious quality time with their kids:

1. Try to Understand Your Kids
Try to manage some time for your kids where they will be the only center of attention for you. Live and enjoy that every moment. Listen and try to understand your kids’ behavior and their expectation from you. Watch with your kids their favorite cartoon channel and you may ask them related questions like what is their most favorite cartoon show? Also what is the reason behind liking that? This will help your kids in opening up in front of you and will also help you in understanding them.

2. Try to Take Your Kids for a Short Walk Before Goodnight Sleep
If possible then go out for a short relaxed walk with your kids before their sleep at night. Before you go out for such walks make them fully ready for their sleep. Make sure that they have already brushed their teeth, washed their face, took their bath (if needed) and are in their pajamas and sneakers to go out for a short stroll. Together you can take a round of your neighborhood and you may start talking to them on any topic on which they would like to begin the conversation. And by the time you all reach home your kids will be in a fresh – air trance and will be ready for the bed to sleep. And in this way you will also get a chance to spend a good quality time with your kids.

3. Try to Make Often Special Arrangements for Theme Dinner
Try to make dinner time more interesting and exciting for your kids with the special arrangements of theme dinner. Dinners at home have been always special. It is the time when the whole family can sit and have the food together with lots of discussions and conversation. To make this dinner time more exciting for your kids there is nothing better than the option of theme dinner. You can arrange for the themes like Italian nights with mouth-watering pizzas and pastas, Chinese nights with delicious fried rice and noodles. Apart from these there can be other themes like burger nights, pancake nights, etc. Make sure that the food which you prepare on such nights must be in the list of favorite foods of your kids. Arranging often such special theme dinners for kids can make them feel that they are really important to you and this will also let you to spend some quality time together with them.

4. Try to Do Things Together
If you are looking to fix or change anything in or around your house by yourself like replacing a tire of your car, changing a tap, painting a section of an old wall, etc then also involve your kids in these activities. Tell them that you need their help in repairing these things. This will also help your kids to learn about the tools used in such fixing activities and also about the process to fix such things. In fact by doing such things you cannot only spend a great time with your kids but you can also help them to be a self sufficient adult in their coming future.

5. Try to Avoid Driving Everywhere
If possible then try to avoid driving with your kids everywhere. We all know that driving can save our time. But this is also true that if we take our kids by driving everywhere then we may lose the precious moment of their childhood which we can enjoy a little longer if we both go out for a walk. Take them for a walk to your nearby park or walk them up to their neighboring friend’s place. While walking together you will get a chance to talk to them on various things. Walking together can also help you in understanding your kids.

6. Make The Best Use of Your Weekends
Try to use your weekends. Weekends are the best days of the week to spend maximum quality time with your kids. If you cannot make the proper use of every weekends because of your household needs like grocery shopping, paying off bills, etc. Then try at least to use the alternative weekends. Play outdoor games like cricket, lawn tennis, badminton, football, etc, with your kids on a Saturday afternoon. Take your kids out to watch their favorite movie on some sunny Sundays. You can also try the option of botanical gardens, zoo or a particular place where your kids might find interest to go.

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  • May 6, 2017 at 7:05 am

    WE don’t spend enough time with our kids and then complain about their growing up and bad habits. As responsible parents it is our responsibility to guide them, so they grow up to be responsible human beings.

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