Things to Remember while Flying with Kids

Mostly, all of us foster a love for travelling. And when it comes to travelling by flight even just a thought of travelling makes us smile. The comfortable and relaxing flight journeys don’t make us feel exhausted and it is not even time consuming. With travelling comes the joy of exploring the unexplored. But does your feeling remain the same when it comes to travel by flight with your family particularly when you are travelling with your kids? To this question the answer of many parents would be a ‘Big No’. For parents it becomes a huge responsibility rather than enjoyment when they travel with kids. However, if the trip is planned wisely then travelling with kids on flight might not prove as challenging as it thought to be

Here below are few travelling hacks for a smooth flight journey with your kids:

  • Let Kids Enjoy the Airport Surroundings;

Kids find it really amusing when they are set free to a wide open space and airport is the place where they can explore and enjoy lot of things. There are so many things like restaurants, shops, cafeterias, and book stores, etc. at airport where your kids can engage themselves. Your kids might also find the escalators and moving walkways at the airport an interesting fun to get on and off repeatedly. Enjoying the airport surrounding will help your kids to get familiar with it. Together with that it will also make them enough tired so that once you all are aboard your kids may feel sleepy. And this will ensure you a smooth journey with kids.

  • Opt for Stopover Flights;

Book tickets for stopover flights if your flight journey takes around 24 hours or more. Kids if stayed for long in flights may feel sick and bored. To avoid these prevalent situations it is best to select for stopover flights. It is the best way for you and your kids to get relaxed from a long tiring journey. Plan the journey in such a way that the flight which if you board early in the morning is going to land by the same afternoon in some other place. After landing you can take your kids for some refreshment to some local restaurants, shopping malls or even in some nearby amusement parks. By the evening get back to the airport again to board the night flight for your final destination. By this time your kids will be completely relaxed and may also feel sleepy. And once you are on board it will become easy for you to make them sleep.

  • Medicine Kit;

Parents while flying with kids must have an emergency medicine kit for all the basic and chronic health conditions of their kids. Many times kids suffer with altitude sickness and having medicine along could manage the situation. While preparing the kit make sure that you have enough amounts of pain reliever, fever reducer and the medicines to control motion sickness. Without such medicine kits it becomes difficult for kids to stay long in the flight.

  • Bring Along Some Food;

It would not be right to expect your kids to eat those stuffs which are served in the flight. Particularly it becomes more problematic if your kids are fussy eaters. To take care about the food factor of your kids bring along some of their favorite foods like sandwiches, biscuits, chips, dried fruits, etc. Always remember that a full stomach is very important for a good sleep.

  • Avoiding Ear Popping

To avoid ear popping at the time of take-off and landing you can give your kids feeding bottle to drink some milk or juice. If your kids are more than 4 years of age you can give and ask them to chew chewing gum. Chewing prevents ear popping.

  • Be Comfortable;

For a comfortable flight journey bring some extra pairs of socks for you and your kids. If possible, also bring your bedroom slippers for extra comfort. If you have rolling suitcase in your cabin luggage then it can be used as a footrest. Make sure your kids are wearing loose cloths so that they feel comfortable all throughout the journey. It is a god habit to keep an additional pair of cloths in the cabin baggage as more often than not kids spoil their cloths while they are travelling.

Cabin crew are there to make your journey comfortable, so do let them know if you need anything on-board.

  • Fighting Jetlag and Walk around in the flight;

Keep yourself and your kids hydrated as much as possible to avoid the jetlag on board. If it is a long flight then you might take your kid on a small walk on the isle, kids love it. Looking around and smiling at other passengers relaxes them and they will be less cranky. You may take a comfort break with your kid every 2-3 hours and walk around.

But do keep an ear on the pilot announcement. In the event of turbulent weather conditions avoid moving around.

  • Bring Your Kids Favorite Stuffs;

To make your kids more comfortable you can bring their favorite toys and books. Also don’t forget to bring a light blanket and some light warm woolens for them. They may need those if the flight temperature is too low.

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