Taking Your Kids One Step Forward To A Greener Planet

Global Warming is a great risk to our planet. The impacts of climate change include increase in temperatures, changes in precipitation, increased intensity of some extreme weather events and rise in the sea level. These impacts threaten not only our health by affecting the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the weather we experience, these also affect the lives of our children.

We take earth’s resources for granted. If one were to think of the earth as a long, broad shelf and all the resources in the world placed on it, these resources are only being taken from the shelf with no thought on replacing it, which is disastrous. The effects of this are already seen all around us in the form of colder winters, hotter summers and irregular rainfall. The world is home to not just human beings but also a wide variety of animals and plants. All of them are dependent on each other for survival. Taking these natural resources for granted or disturbing the natural harmony would only result in consequences like global warming.

Is this really the kind of world we want for our children? As parents we all want a better world for our children to live in and that can only happen if we make our planet a better place for our children and also make them aware of earth’s conditions and teach them to make better and greener choices. Making our day-to-day activities environment friendly we benefit financially, physically, mentally and are able to help our environment. Here are some ways you can teach your child go green and save the planet.

Turn off lights when not in use – Teach your children to save power. If they learn to save energy and are energy efficient it helps a great deal to make our environment better. We need to save as much energy as we can so teach them to turn off the lights when they are not in use and if they are the last ones to leave the room.

Turn off water when brushing teeth – Kids often leave water running while they are brushing their teeth, which is a wrong habit, since even in that little while they waste a lot of water. We need to bring it into their habit to turn off the tap while they are brushing. Teach them how this will preserve water and reduces wastage.

Take shorter showers – Kids at times tend to take long showers, ignoring the fact that taking long showers unnecessarily wastes water. We have to teach them to preserve water.

Buy energy efficient electronics and appliances – Due to the growing risk of global warming and use of so much energy there are many energy saving appliances and electronics available in the market. Go to the market with your kid and buy energy saving electronics. While purchasing, teach them why we should save energy and how it will help us sustain our planet.

Teach your kids the importance of the 3 R’s of environmentReduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Reducing is when we produce less waste, and consciously avoiding products with unnecessary packaging. Buy reusable coffee filters and cloth napkins. This reduces the waste produced.
  • Reusing is simply to reuse things which can have another purpose. For example we can reuse newspapers for wrapping and for so many other things. When we reuse goods we save them from going to the landfill and we save energy and resources that would otherwise go into making new products. Use refillable containers are rechargeable batteries; always try to write on both sides of the paper and use scrap paper for notes and wash and reuse plastic food bags and heavy aluminum. Buy your kid a reusable water bottle and ask them to always carry it rather than buying a new bottle. Teac them how this will reduces plastic waste.
  • Recycling is converting waste to usable materials. When we recycle; we give material a new life and save it from going to the landfill. Materials like glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper can be mass collected, broken or melted down, and made into entirely new products. You can always sell things rather than throwing them away because one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Clothing, furniture and appliances can also be donated and recycled.

Reduce food waste – Teach your children to not waste food, use leftover food rather than throwing it away and freeze the food before it goes bad.

Plant a tree – Talk to your children about the importance of greenery for our planet and planting a tree. Contribute to a community garden. Gardening could be fun and learning for kids. Educate them how plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and give us oxygen.

Unplug at least once a day – This is very important. With growing technology and the use of electronic devices we often forget to unplug and take time for ourselves and enjoy nature. Nowadays a lot of children are getting addicted to cell phones and iPad at a very young age. Discourage the use of electronic devices all throughout the day and teach them to go out and enjoy nature and not indulge in using electronic devices all the time. Encourage them to go outside and play rather than using phones inside all day.

These are a few things that can be done to make Earth a better planet; you may use many other greener choices too. Remember to start now before it is too late, after all it is for the future of your children.

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