Raising A Confident Girl Child

Young girls today are straddling two universes – one in which no one squints an eye after observing a lady keep running for office and one in which young ladies are being sexualized at a more youthful age. How would we raise our young girls to have faith in their maximum capacity when their most basic good example is a Disney princess?

Here below are some of the most effective methods to expand the self-regard of the young girls in your own home:

1. Make Your Daughter Realize That You Believe In Her
Always make her feel that she can achieve almost anything if she wants and works hard to achieve that. Tell her there is nothing in this world which is impossible to achieve. In fact, if there is a strong will behind achieving anything then there ought to be certainly a definite way to achieve it.

2. Take Your Daughter Out Of Her Comfort Zone
Take your daughter play outside her comfort zone which will work in two unique ways. Firstly, it will help her to understand her own strength and secondly, it will build her to face any kind of challenges in this world. That’s why try to introduce her with the sporting activities like, bug collecting, tree climbing, camping, etc.

3. Follow Her Interest
Make her realize that anything in which she finds interest is seriously valued by you. Try to nurture these interests and take it to a matured level where it can be turned to your daughter’s profound passion.

4. Stop Her From Fantasizing Herself As Disney Princesses
Young girls mostly have dreams to live a life like a ‘Disney Princess’ and if you ask them the definition of the so called ‘Disney Princess’ then they would say that those princess keep their houses clean and tidy, knows all the household work and keeps waiting for their “Prince Charming” to marry them. This shows that there has been a very strong impact of femininity on them which has either shown to them or imposed upon them to think only on the characteristics of beauty and femininity which actually taking them to a wrong direction.

5. Try To Understand Your Daughter
Parents who try to understand their daughter’s feeling assure their daughter that no matter what the world is talking or thinking about her but there are her parents who will understand and will always support her.

6. Make Her Realize The Importance Of Academics
If you want your daughter to understand the importance and value of academics then you also have to show your interest regarding her academic career. Keeping a regular touch with your daughter’s class assignments and homework might help you in making your daughter understand the value and importance of education.

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