Merry Christmas! – Best 5 Entries Of ‘My Cute Little Santa’ Hunt

Be it young children or elder people all of us love both Santa and Christmas. Christmas brings with itself all the joy, happiness, glory and charm that all of us wait for the whole one year.There is one man who is suppose to take the responsibility to arrive each and every year on Christmas to spread happiness around the entire world. This man is no one else than our very own lovable Santa Claus. Santa Claus is very close to the hearts of children as he brings lots of surprises and gifts for them. And so the children are also very special to Santa as they are the symbol of pure heart and innocence.

Though we all know the truth that the real ‘Santa’, St. Nicholas doesn’t exist anymore but then also his holy message of spreading love and happiness is carried by many other people who believe in his ideologies. Hence, from ages the concept of being Santa Claus is practiced every year on Christmas Time. And those who like and love to spread this message of love and peace disguise themselves as dressing like St.Nicholas The Santa Claus.

On this special occasion of Christmas we have also decided to walk on some of the footprints of Santa Claus to bring smiles on the faces of our young kiddies. To do this we have organised a hunt,

‘My Cute Little Santa’ where one of the parents was suppose to take a picture together with their child on Christmas and also had to do a short comment on Why their child is more like ‘Santa’ to them?

As per the terms & condition of the hunt out of all the other entries only the best 5 entries will get an opportunity to be displayed on the cover page of our website, WWW.NITROKIDDIES.COM!

Here Are Comments From The Parents Of The Best 5 Entries For ‘My Cute Little Santa’ Hunt;
Shatabdi – I find my daughter like Santa because like Santa she brings me happiness whenever she is around me.

Bhumi – I love my daughter more than anything. Whatever she brings for me it becomes a gift to me just the way Santa brings gifts for all children. And her smile is the biggest gift to me.

Piyali – When I’m in the company of my son, like a magic I really forget all my worries and tensions. To me this is more likely to be similar with all of us at Christmas when we try to keep aside all our worries and tension and keep waiting for Santa and his gifts.

Rekha – Like Santa my cute little daughter brings me bag full of love and joy.

Shraddha – Santa loves to spread joy and happiness around the world. I also find these similar qualities of kindness and generosity in my daughter.

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