Looking for the right preschool for your kid

In this competitive era, kids are sometimes pushed beyond their limits. Right from starting their preschool, one could say that it’s a tough world out there. Parents always want the best, and looking out for preschools/schools they don’t leave a stone unturned. There are schools popping up like mushrooms in every random lane. But is it the right one, for your child? That needs a bit more of contemplation.

Before jumping into conclusions about a preschool/school, parents need to discern and reconsider their choices. By keeping in mind few of the ways mentioned here, can be beneficial both for the parents and the kids.

  • Child’s needs should be the priority:

Does your child take sleep breaks many a times in the day? Or is your child a fussy eater? Then reconsider your choices of sending them to a preschool. Try to first get them acquainted to a routine and then check with the preschools, whose schedule is aligned with that of your kid’s. The mismatch could be a disaster, and make your kid averse to preschools/schools.

  • Safety measures taken by preschool/schools:

Checking the safety measures of school can be done if parents go for a visit to the place.No matter how many pictures you might see on their website or talk to the personnel over the phone, it cannot make up for a personal visit. And it’s even better if you take your child with you, depending on the kid’s interest parents can take a decision.

  • Ask your friends, neighbors and someone who is in that industry:

It’s always good to gather some information from your near and dear ones. What sort of schools are their children attending? How is it? Do those schools care about a child’s over all development?And once you ask the appropriate people, there will be many suggestions which you can consider one by one.

  • Is the staff at preschool/school compatible?

Looking for qualified teachers is different and one can find them quite easily. However, looking for teaching personnel who is compatible with your child is vital. Observe how your child responds to all the teaching staff. Is he comfortable being with them? Or he is showing any signs of reticence which was not present earlier? Take these things seriously as the child would be spending next best quality time with their teachers after parents.

  • What is the Teacher-child ratio in the class?

The most common ration as given by National Association for the Education of Young children for preschool classroom groups is a 1:10 ratio, one teacher for every ten students, and see to it that whether the school is following that criteria or not.As it will help your children get that attention from a teacher in the class.

  • Observe how frequently the school keeps abreast of latest methodologies for education:

Is the curriculum of a school dynamic? If no, then it shouldn’t be on your list in the first place. If a school is following an outdated method or structure, it implies that they’re just running a school for the sake of it. Only the schools that keep themselves updated on the emerging trends will provide your child an amazing learning experience.

  • Understand the philosophy of the school:

How the school functions? Does it give ample space for your kid’s creativity to be unleashed or it just stands for showing number of kids, who are succeeding in only academics. As it will be the first stage of your child to start getting to know the world, it is better that this step be wise and well thought of. What do you want your child to learn from being in a preschool? Is it just learning numbers and alphabets or beyond that? These questions are enough to go into a particular school over others.

  • Get real feedback:

It is a known fact that schools only show the positive credentials and sweep the nasty ones under the carpet. Try talking to the parents who have enrolled their child for the present academic year, approach them by asking things like ‘what is the quality of food, that they give to kids?’ and then you can get the unfiltered, real opinions of the parents which will help you to think.

  • Is the school’s way of teaching suitable for your kid?

Since different kids have their own way of understanding, it’s better to recheck which ones would suit them. Schools follow teaching through play; or let the kid choose their own activities to study. And there are few more which focus on a rigid traditional method where kids need to follow the teacher. Perhaps, letting your child attend these classes at the beginning for a few sessions and see if the child is enjoying it or not.

Searching for a perfect school, is in fact no less than going into a maze only to realize that though there seem to be more ways, at the end there’s only one exit. Try to understand the school policies, whether they allow parents to be a part of their kid’s learning journey or is it totally off-limits and make choice accordingly.Everything boils down to only one thing –‘by being a part of this school, will the experience make your child lead a positive and emotionally balanced life or not’.

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