How to improve your child’s focus and concentration?

Unlike earlier times, concentrating on a task for a longer period of time has now become a very rare spectacle. The quality time being spent learning has decreased drastically, and added to that are the variety of distractions which are happily taking away the strength of focus from kids.

Parents are seen handing latest gizmos to their children so that they will not disturb them. At first it seems to be a very normal thing to do, you want your kid to be engaged, there’s no one to play with him so you do the predictable action, giving them a gadget so that they can play with it and focus on vigorously and leave you to your chores. However, the research suggests something else; there is evidence telling that these gadgets can shrink the attention span of your children. The more your children rely on gadgets for any kind of entertainment, the more they are losing themselves to inattention.

In this age it is a herculean task to get your child sit and do something for a longer time but still there are few things, if followed and put into use can help your child through lack of attention or no attention at all.

  • Knowing the effects of distractions can help removing them from your child’s life:

Distractions are everywhere and we cannot easily peel away our kids from them. We would try our level best to remove that from our child’s life, only if we get to know what kind of damage they are really doing to our kids. It is not always helpful if the child is relying on gadgets to spend their time with, and to know any vital information.

Too much of anything becomes addiction, and that parents should make sure their kids never fall into. As these gizmos are known to shorten their attention span, they’re better kept out of reach of the children.

  • Let your child do something that he/she loves doing:

When it comes to increasing children’s attention span, start by letting them involve in activities that are their favorite. And these are the activities where they totally forget the outside world and delve deep into the process of it, like drawing, cycling, learning a music instrument. And once they are done with that, after some time slowly let them come to books with a refreshed mind. They’ll be more consistent while doing their home work which definitely is a task where parents cannot make kids stick to it till the end.

Make sure that these favorite activities are devoid of Television, ipad, iphone etc.

  • A routine to go by is always helpful:

It is important for kids to settle themselves in a daily schedule. The routine should be a balanced one and that which makes time for fun things. The predictability of a schedule help kids in preparing for the things that are the tasks, for example, if you create a routine where your child, right after coming from school receives snacks and plays for a while. And thenright after these activities if there’s homework to catch up on, he/she will be more willing to do it as it has now become their routine.

  • What’s your child’s learning method?:

Children have their own way of understanding. For some it could be via visuals, like showing them gestures that they can instantly relate to, and at times audios wherein we just need to explain them.And there are other kids, who want to step in and do a thing till they actually understand it. Recognize the way your kids are inclining towards and take necessary steps to guide them accordingly.

  • Appreciating efforts really motivate your kids:

Parents tend to focus more on the outcome than the process. Instead of saying how nicely they’ve achieved something, be specifically appreciative of their efforts that went into the task. If they’ve just come out after writing a test, let them know, through positive words that their preparation has been really top notch and irrespective of the results you are proud of them.

  • Play lots of memory games with your kids:

It could be jigsaw puzzles or Sudoku games, anything that gets your kid’s brain muscles expanding, is one of the proven methods to make your kid’s focus and concentration last longer. It can start off by being very simple and slowly, by increasing the complexity we can push the boundaries bit by bit to see the way it changes your child’s thinking.

  • Children must be encouraged to be a part of physical activities:

By playing or having any kind of physical activity helps children develop focus. For example, if children are playing football, there are many things that they need to keep in mind: not touching ball with their hands directly and playing in a team, looking out for opportunities to make goals. Hence, if a child is part of such sport he/she will learn to follow instructions, concentrates on making goals etc.

The above listed are few steps that can help parents to make changes. It’s not an easy task at all, the key here is patience. There will be setbacks and disappointments but by being persistent, parents can help their children gain impeccable concentration and highly energized focus.

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