How To Get Your Child Ready For School On Time!


Best possible ways to get your child ready for school on time:

Whether it is right after the long summer gap or just another regular day with school going on, children don’t feel quite motivated to get up in the morning and get ready for upcoming school hours. With some parents often it becomes almost a chaos in the morning when it comes to motivate and prepare their children while getting them ready for school. This situation almost turns parents helpless and frustrated.

In order to come up with a routine that your kids can follow through can be a daunting task. Here, parents can take few steps in ensuring that their child won’t be running late to the school by incorporating things that are creative and fun to do.

For kids to start the day at a set timing, parents need to do the same. It’s obnoxious to expect kids to get up early when parents are not even interested in doing the same themselves. Children get motivated and feel responsible if they see the same things in their parents which they are expected to do. It’s always the actions that speak not the words. It is recommended to plan ahead of the day, so that things can be taken care of.

Let’s have a quick look to the possible ways that can help you to get your child ready for the school on time:

  • Listing out the things that needed to be get done

‘To-do’ lists are a great way to make everyone get involved and list the things that they need to do. Parents can make out copies of the lists and stick them on the children’s bedroom door or on to the door of refrigerators’. Ask your children about the tasks that can be included, make it a fun and interesting way to fill in the tasks so that children, at the end of the day are motivated enough to take up the responsibilities.

It is even better to have things to do in a certain chunk of time, that way kids can keep track of their contributions. For example, ten minutes to dress up etc.

  • Setting things up the previous night always help

Parents can sit down the night before they go to sleep and anticipate what is needed the next day. They can take help of their kids to suggest something that is required the very next day. Ask your kids whether there’s an event in the school or anything like that.

Let you kids take out school uniform, shoes and socks which they’ll wear the very next morning and keep them aside. Of course, then comes their backpack that they have to sort out once they’re done with the homework. Every night seeing that these chores make way into their routine is highly recommended.

Try to appreciate children if they’ve done their chores in time by giving them something that excites them the most. It could be you (parent) spending time with them or taking them to a place they’ve always wanted to visit.

  • A good night’s rest is essential

For children to wake up on time and do their expected chores without whining or complaining, it is vital that they rested well the previous night. It is always hard to be strict with your child and seeing them upset but by giving in to their constant demands will be harmful for their future. Talk to them about what is expected out of them, things that they have to do before they go to sleep and after they wake up. Try to be strict when it comes to the time they should have gone to bed.

  • Breakfast can be dynamic yet simple

Extraordinary breakfast everyday sounds really amazing but that can hardly be the case for there are always chores that need attention of the kids, who seem to get into trouble way too often. There’s one thing that parents can certainly do to give a healthy breakfast and that is way too simple than expected.

Include your child’s favorite fruits in breakfast with milk and cereal or prepare the night before some quantity of sandwiches that can be readily pushed into the oven and then can be served.

  • Allocating tasks to the kids is a nice thing

Instead of limiting your child’s chores keep adding to the list. As your children grow up they can and will be able to do more on their own, let them explore their capacities by entrusting them with chores that require more responsibility and focus.

If they have mastered dressing up, sorting out their backpack, then slowly begin by asking them to give you a hand in packing lunches and folding the laundry, etc. Once they do help you make it a point to appreciate it then and there.

Sticking to a routine, to going to bed at the same time everyday can help a great deal with managing the mornings. Make sure everything goes into its place right after its use so that there won’t be much chaos around finding it the next morning.

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