Health Symptoms of Children That Should Not Be Ignored

Falling sick is very normal in children. But sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to decide the severity of the sickness. Usually parents at first try out home remedies or use medicine available over the counter to treat the sickness. However, if the illness persists for long time then they eventually rush to a doctor.

However, sometimes children may suffer from serious health conditions but there symptoms may appear to be very common. That’s why parents should immediately visit a doctor if they find any odd health symptoms in their children.

Here below are some health symptoms in children which should not be ignored:

  • High Fever in Children;

The severity of fever in children, particularly new born and babies should not be based on the temperature displayed on the thermometer. Rather it should be decided by the age of the children. For instance, a baby, less than 3 months old with a temperature of 100.4F needs immediate medical assistance. This fever in the baby might have been caused by any bacterial infection like urinary – tract infection which if not treated on time can adversely affect the body. In most of the cases generally children suffer with viral fever but still to be sure about that parents should once consult a doctor.

  • Long Persisting Fever;

In certain cases parents without even consulting doctors’ keep their children on medicines to reduce long persisting fever. But sometimes even after 4 to 6 hours of having the medicines fever doesn’t come down in children. This would be a symptom of something very serious. The infection causing the fever might be enough powerful for the body to fight with. Viral fever caused by cold and flu maximum persist for 3 to 5 days but fever due to bacterial infection like pneumonia may stay for a longer period. That’s why parents should immediately visit a doctor if the fever doesn’t come down in their children even after 4 to 6 hours of having medicines.

  • Having Headache in Fever;

In some cases during fever children also suffer with headache. This headache could be a symptom of something more serious like meningitis. Instead ignoring the symptom parents should report this to a doctor.

  • Check The Rash & Spots;

Sometimes in young children different forms of rashes may develop. These skin rashes should not be ignored as some of these cases may need medical attention. Children found with rashes of ring-shaped with a light spot in the middle are suffering from Lyme disease. If you notice spots of pinpoint-size just under the skin of your children then immediately rush to the doctor.  If you find children with any kind of strange bruising then it may be a case of blood disorder which should not be ignored. If your children are found to be sluggish, anxious or if they are facing breathing problem then you should immediately report to a doctor.

  • Moles To Check;

Regularly check each and every mole that develops on the skin of your children particularly those which they have right from their birth. Moles which are there on the body of children since there birth have high chance of turning malicious. If you find your children to have mole of different colors, uneven in shape, ripped borders or if it is intense then you should immediately reach out to a doctor as these all might be the future symptoms of skin cancer.

  • Abrupt Stomach Pain;

Children having sudden stomach pain at the lower right side of their stomach that doesn’t last for long. It just starts aching abruptly and also gets reduced after a while then they may be suffering with appendicitis. This pain is so intense that it becomes very difficult for children to jump up and down. This appendicitis initiates with a viral fever followed by vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. In some of the cases of appendicitis it starts with diarrhea then followed by pain in abdomen, vomiting and then fever. Don’t avoid these symptoms in your children and immediately rush to a doctor.

  • Tormenting Headaches Along With Vomiting;

If children wake up suddenly early in the morning or in the middle of the night due to tormenting headaches and vomit a lot at the same time then these are might be the symptoms of migraine. Parents should not worry about migraine as such as it is not so harmful.  Still parents should once consult a doctor on these symptoms to avoid anything wrong.

  • Urinating Less;

If children start urinating less, have formed dry skin, lips and mouth or sometimes found to be vomiting a lot or is often suffering from diarrhea, all these suggest that they are suffering with the symptoms of dehydration. Parents should start keeping their children on as much fluid as possible. Also in this case children immediately need medical attention as delay in treatment may lead to shock.

  • Address The Breathing;

When children are young parents need to be very careful on the way they breathe. It becomes a matter of concern when instead of nose the breathing sounds start coming out from lungs and chest in children. This breathing trouble might be a result of yelling cough, an allergic reaction, pneumonia, asthma and even choking. All these should not be ignored and parents should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Swollen Face;

It could be a serious matter of concern if your child have suddenly developed swollen eyes, lips and tongue together with itchiness and vomiting. To treat these fast parents should immediately rush to a doctor.

  • Hold Children Carefully;

Hold your children carefully especially when they are very young. If young children fall suddenly then they might have to face problems like loss of consciousness, vomiting and broken body parts. In this case parents should immediately visit a doctor. Don’t ignore as there might be an internal injury, hence a thorough check-up from a doctor is required to rule out any mishap.

  • Bleeding A Lot;

After sticking a bandage and pressing it hard on your child’s deeply wide open wound if the bleeding does not stop then your child needs medical treatment. In case if any animal bite or if any other child bites your child then also you should report to a doctor.

It is very difficult to keep your nerves when you see your child in pain but do not panic and visit the nearest hospital for your child’s treatment.

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    If your child is suffering from a serious or serious illness, your concern may be associated with a feeling of helplessness that can not be described in words.

  • September 6, 2017 at 2:31 am

    This is why it is important for you to know the health symptoms that need to be evaluated by a physician before it is about something more serious.

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