Essential life hacks for Mothers

There’s no time like the present to get more organized and break that cycle of chaos that is often faced by mostly all the mothers from around the world. While managing the household chores and family, mums often struggle with efficiently managing the time to do the things.

From getting the kids ready for day care or school to making sure they are safe and sound, every waking hour seems to be given to your children. It’s for good reason; they are your pride and joy. You also have a house to maintain, laundry to be done, bathrooms to be cleaned, a kitchen to be maintained, a husband to tend to — in short everyone and everything seeks a mother’s attention. It seems that mothers the only one who can maintain calm and order among the chaos. Here below are the effective measures to help mums to organize their work schedule more efficiently:

  • Plan your meals

Decide on a menu which consists of the dishes your family likes to eat. Plan this ahead of time so you don’t have to think about what to make. Involve your kids, ask them what they would like to eat and make them help you in cooking.

  • Dress yourself last

Every mum knows that meal times can be messy, and breakfast is no exception. To keep your work attire clean, have your clothes for the day picked out, but don’t put them on until the last possible minute. If the thought of not being dressed in time makes you anxious, try tossing on a robe over your clothes. Think of it as your protective shield.

  • Quick workouts

Time is a precious commodity on weekdays, and not everyone wants to be up before the sun to make class at the gym. You can exercise for as much time as you have, in the comfort of your own home.

  • Make a double bath of food

Save time in the kitchen by doubling up on some staples. You can double up on the amount and use the extra for a meal later on in the week.

  • Shop for groceries online

Online shopping is helpful, you can avoid taking multiple trips to the store in case you forget something and it saves you the hassle of grocery shopping with children.

  • Shop in the evening

If you are not a fan of online shopping and prefer doing your shopping yourself then shop in the evening. The shops are mostly free and you will be able to shop faster.

  • Buy in bulk

The items which can be bought in bulk, buy them in bulk and store them which will help you save time.

  • Group bathing

If your kids are small enough to fit in one tub or shower them make them shower together and give them a bath, this will save you time from giving each individual child a separate bath.

  • Pre-make lunches

Make the tiffin for your children beforehand and put them in the fridge this will save you a lot of time.

  • Pick out their clothes for a week

Pick out their clothes in advance to save the hassle of choosing an outfit for them.

  • Chop in advance

Chop all your vegetable in advance and store them so you don’t have to worry about chopping them when you’re cooking and don’t have enough time to chop.

  • Make to-do-lists

Maybe you don’t like daily planners, but they are the keys to having an organized day at home. You at least need to- do list that is prioritized by A, B, and C. A is for things that need to be done that day. B, is for things that you would like to get done, and C is for those things that are extra work, or can be done in a couple days, but maybe you can get 1 of them done early to save even more time later.

  • Prepare a Go-to bag

A ‘Go-to Bag’ is one that is ready for when you need to go somewhere right away. You can keep a bag ready with wholesome snacks, a water bottle, warm clothing or sunscreen (depending on the season), extra cash, and a small first aid kit. This can be kept in the car, front entry way closet or mud room.

  • Prepare for emergencies

Make a folder with a list of emergency contacts. Include instructions for household tasks like watering plants, caring for pets and collecting mail. Keep a copy on your computer so you can change it easily.

  • Clean your bathroom while bathing

If you clean it during that time you can save time on cleaning it later.

  • Don’t over commit

Learn to say no. Don’t commit yourself to things if you already have a lot on your plate.

You’re busy, but no matter how fast things change and how many things you need to get done, you don’t need to feel frazzled doing it all.

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