Encouraging Ways to Develop Speech in Children

Talking frequently with your children is perhaps the best way to develop language and speech proficiency in children.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the useful ways to develop language and speech in children:

  • Talk to your children;

Research shows that parents who frequently talk to their children help their children learn language and speech fast. To initiate a boost in language development parents should start talking to their children on any topic which could involve their child’s participation. Parents should narrate their children the activities which they are doing. For instance, they can say, “Now we will brush at first and get ourselves ready for bath. After that we will have breakfast together. Today I will cook your favorite banana pancakes hope you will like them.”

  • Follow the interest of your children;

Try to figure out the interest area of your children so that they would find it really interesting when you talk to them on those topics. If your children like to play with cars then talk about different types of cars around the world. Show them pictures of various cars. You can ask them questions like which car they would like to have. This way you can interact with your children on various topics which they are fond of.

  • Read to your children;

Reading to your children at their young is the best way to gift your children with vast collection of vocabulary. The regular habit of reading books to children can help parents in multiple ways. While reading books to children parents are empowering them with new words, general knowledge and imagination that lead to the development of their thought process. Getting exposed to new words while listening to stories can help children to learn and use those new words at the time of forming new sentences. On top of this there will be an added bonus for the parents as their children will develop a fondness for books.

  • Play your child’s favorite song;

We all know that children love music. Often playing the favorite songs of your children can help them to learn about the world around them. Songs like “The Wheels of The Bus” can help your children learn about the mode of transportation and they will also groove to its tune.

  • Restrict the use of computers and televisions;

Computers and televisions restrict the interaction level in children. It is true that there are some educational programs on televisions which are good for children. But television shows are neither interactive nor responsive to children. Interaction and responsiveness are the key factors of language development in children. It is also the same with computers. Computer games are interactive but they are again not responsive to children.

  • Don’t discourage them the way they speak;

Being an adult we know how to pronounce words correctly but for children it is a difficult task to do. Encourage your children to speak up the way they speak. Focus on their effort to learn and speak not on the way they pronounce a word. Never discourage your children on speaking a word incorrectly. Instead, always encourage them to speak as much as they wish even though they pronounce wrongly some of the words. It is because your discouragement may scare your children and turn them into shy and introvert.

  • Go out for short trips;

It would be a moment of lots of fun for your children when they will get an opportunity to go out with you on short trips. This would be a wonderful time for both parents and children to enjoy some quality time together. Parents can ask their children about their favorite places for short trips. Also organizing such trips will let parents interact with their children. Parents can take them to places like museums, zoo, etc. Children will find it interesting to visit such places and they would be also very curious to learn about the name of various things around them.

  • Take care about ear infection;

Ear infection in children can be another reason for language delay. In group child-care situation children are at a risk of having ear infection which if not treated on time can lead to hearing loss. If you find any symptoms of ear infection in your children then without any delay visit a doctor.

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