Empower Your Children with the Best Ever Gift of Reading

There are enormous benefits of reading books. Reading helps in building a strong foundation for academic excellence in children. It is very important for parents to introduce books to children at an early age of 3 to 5. This is because any new concept is very quickly adapted by children if introduced to them when they are young. Love for reading in children is very important. It has been found that children who enjoy reading and whose passion is to read regularly come up with good performance in their academics. Reading books can help children to learn about general knowledge, building vocabulary and also about the various cultural differences. To arouse interest in children for reading books parents can try the following useful ways:

1. Read to your children;
To create interest for reading, parents can start reading to their children as early as possible. They can read aloud inspirational and motivational stories to their children. Reading stories to children regularly, parents can help them to learn and get familiar with a wide range of vocabulary. Children tends to imitate a lot so there would be a higher chance that they would imitate those newly heard words while listening to the stories and try to make its use in forming sentences. When children start to learn reading at school, try to buy them books of their choice. Buy books which are engaging and fun to read. Parents should also often read together with their children to make reading even more interesting.

2. Try to find out a library;
Try to find out a library nearby your locality. Ask your librarian to recommend some good books for children on current affairs and general knowledge. Prefer to choose books with illustration and bright colorful pages.  Try to pick also those books which are related to your family’s current topic that your children find very interesting to talk about. Suppose if you are planning to visit zoo with your children in the upcoming weekend, asks the librarian to give you a good book on wild animals. Read this book together with your children and discuss about the various wild animals found in forest.

3. Read to boost imagination in children;
Reading books to children can help in stimulating their imagination and this will also help them to have a better understanding of the world around them. This becomes even more interesting when children while listening to the stories start to relate their real world with the world of fiction. When parents read stories to children it also increases the curiosity in them which let them think and discuss about that with their parents.

4. Reading helps to concentrate;
When children are young they cannot concentrate for a longer duration. Reading to children can help to increase the concentration power in them. Initially it would be difficult for children to pay attention to listen a story for a longer duration. But gradually children will also begin to adapt it if listening to stories turn out to be a regular activity. Regularly listening to stories can help children to enhance their concentration power.

5. Make reading an indulgence;
When children are introduced to reading at a very young age it becomes an inevitable part of their life. Reading then becomes an indulgence for them. Books become their best companion to be with most of the time. Reading books help them in developing their personality. Children who are passionate about reading prefer to choose good books instead television; video games and other forms of home entertainment.

Remember, passion for reading is the best gift you can ever give to your children. Reading is the best way to empower children today to become a responsible adult of tomorrow.

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    Reading to kids improve their vocabulary and they learn new sentences. Bedtime stories are very important.

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