Benefits of sports

Sports of any kind help your kids learn life lessons which last longer. Of course it is possible to teach them these things even with other activities like dancing, learning to play a musical instrument etc. But with sports, the physical strain that we take, make us tough and we can see its impact on our kids once they’re faced with stressing situations in life.

Sports help kids to develop their cognitive ability, which is very vital to their overall personality. Let’s see the other things that kids learn while they are at play.

1. A stress buster:

We see that kids these days are always in the pressure of ‘performing’ in their academics, this constant pressure is affecting their mental health to such an outrageously alarming rate that we see so many of kids attempting suicide to escape them.

Parents who acquaint kids to sports at a very early age see that the kids are healthier and are alert to the surroundings around;since it makes them to step up into a different arena they feel lighter and at ease when they play any sport. The pull of stress cannot cling to the ones who are busily engaged in a sport.

2. Off the screens:

We’re in this era of bright screens every day that we make it point to keep our electronic gadget beside us when we sleep. No one wants to miss a thing done by their peers and want to abreast with any new information that pops up. And this has now become a major concern for parents, as we could see that the obesity among children has gone up.

If parents take an active step and indulge their kids in a sport that they are attracted to will be of great help to cut off the time kids spend surfing the internet. The coaxing and persuasion will not be needed for a long time, because if the kid starts enjoying, it will just be a matter of time when the child is pushing parents out for a game.

3. Getting a practical experience in what consists of Teamwork:

Your kids once they’re out of their colleges they would be thrown into the real life out there, waiting to consume. The knowledge of teamwork theoretically would be just another chapter to be read and kept away, but when it is something to be acted upon, more often than not kids fail at it. The jealousies creep in and no one would teach them, how to react and what to do about them.

When the kid starts playing in teams he/she understands that the team members are there to support you and bring out the best in you rather than pulling you down. And since a team collectively works for a set goal, they’re most likely want the best for you. Seeing this attitude from peers is a very essential thing a kid gets to understand and hence they’re very likely to master the social skills that are ‘The Most’ important thing out there to survive in this world.

4. Learn to fail and accept it in a very healthy way:

Every one focuses on succeeding so much that when they fail it becomes a taboo. We often are very encouraging when the child accomplishes something but never talk to them about failure and the way it teaches us something about life: ACCEPTANCE. The strain to succeed is now so much more than it has ever been, and when things go wrong there would be many more opportunities to try and take a chance at. Your child needs to know that, and in sports the child sees it practically.

When one door closes another opens, and we could see only when we accept our failure and look at the other side. Sports can help build a tolerant attitude to whatever the obstacles that pass our way.

5. It provides ample exercises and helps stay fit:

If we cannot make out child stick to an exercise schedule, we can help sports be a routine in their life. The physical activities while playing are well enough to help them stay fit and have an overall well being. It is known that in a healthy body dwells a healthy mind, so it begins with a step. Make sports an interesting thing to do rather than cut it out saying it is a distraction.

Minimum of thirty minutes a day if our children indulge in sports, it can bring a huge change to their persona. They tend to be more positive about any outcome and are assertive too.

If parents make time to play with their kids, the time they spending together will be something that kids eventually start looking forward to. The boost of confidence while at sports that kids get can help in nurturing their own thinking style.They turn out to be more risk taking, calculative, curious and adventurous. Added to the list is the increase in memory power, able to focus clearly and ability to handle distractions.

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  • September 17, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    The fundamental question that Socrates asked was “know yourself”. How do help the kids know themselves, as what they like, what are good at? Same question first parents, as in how do they know what their child is good at and likes ( they could be different).

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